Student of the Month: Dental Hygiene

February’s students of the month



Pictured are the two dental hygiene student’s of the month, Miranda Carroll (Left) and Alyvia Myers (Right).

Hannah Hunt, Co-Managing Editor

February has proven to be a fruitful month for the dental hygiene program. Alyvia Myers and Miranda Carroll tied for the spot of student of the month, and expressed their gratitude and surprise at winning. 

“I really wasn’t expecting it…” Carroll explained, “I feel like we were both deserving of it.” “It was a nice surprise…” Myers agreed, “and we’re both friends, so it makes sense.”

The two discussed the importance of hard work in the dental hygiene program, and explained its role when they vote for student of the month. After some consideration, Myers decided that it was important for someone to “go above and beyond to do their best.” Carroll agreed and added that positivity was very crucial for students of the month, along with having a good attitude.

Myers and Carroll, who were picked for their hard work and their helpful, friendly attitudes towards their classmates, are both freshmen at Lake Land College (LLC).

Myers, originally from Albany, Indiana, is hoping to move back to Indiana in the future and find a job as a hygienist. “I think I either want to be in primary family care or pediatric dentistry.” Myers continued.

Carroll, originally from Vandalia, Illinois, wants to move west, “probably more towards the St. Louis area,” she says, and also wants to become a dental hygienist. Having some prior experience under her belt, Carroll decided she enjoyed “seeing a variety of people” when she worked as an assistant at a primary office.

“Every hygienist I’ve talked to has loved their job,” Myers said, “I’ve never heard anyone not like the job! Everyone seems positive and happy; it’s a good lifestyle.” Carroll agreed, adding, “Everyone enjoyed the job and getting to help people.”

Myers continued on to say, “There’s always job security, and for holidays you get to be with your family, you don’t have to work… You still have time for friends and family.” Carroll excitedly added, “You get weekends off!”

The two winners also explained some of their favorite parts of LLC’s dental hygiene program. “I like getting to practice on each other and getting more experience,” Carroll stated. Myers agreed again and mentioned that she enjoyed the “hands-on activities” the dental hygiene students participate in.

They also discussed how nice the size of the program was. Mentioning that because of its fewer numbers, students get to have a better learning experience due to more one-on-one time.

Carroll views the student of the month system as a good way to encourage her fellow students to keep up the good work and strive to do even better. Myers agrees and thinks that everyone is happy for the students who have won and are excited to highlight those who deserve it.

Carroll finished with a simple, “Try not to be discouraged.” Myers continued on with some encouragement for her fellow students, “Just show up, work hard and be the best that you can be! The program is difficult, so sometimes just talking to someone can change their day!”

“Just take it day by day, because it can get very overwhelming,” Myers finished with a smile.

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