Valentine’s dates

Fun and local date ideas for you and your significant other!


Heart of flowers: According to Statista, 32% of Americans get their loved ones flowers for Valentine’s day Photo retrieved from Borchee.

Trinity Turner, Reporter

It is once again that time of year to grab a loved one and celebrate them. Many Lakers are preparing dates and surprises for their significant others.

When asked, Laker couple Andi Fortner and Chase Eaton explained that their idea of a perfect date was, “flowers, spa day, dinner and a movie.” While they seem to have it all figured out, some of us still do not know what to do for Valentine’s Day. Here are some good date ideas from me to you!

1. Movie and dinner
While you can add a spa day and flowers like Fortner and Eaton, just a simple movie and dinner is a great idea to spend some time together. Couples can go out to the theaters or stay at home and cook a homemade meal.

2. Hotel
This option may be a little pricey for a college budget, but getting out and away for a night is always a good idea. Many of the hotels in Mattoon offer indoor pools so one could even plan a swimming date in this cold weather!

3. Flowers and Chocolates
This simple gesture is still loved by tons of people. Flowers are a pretty and fragrant gift that will remind your loved one of you and chocolate is always a must for everyone (including single people). The flowers may eventually wilt, but these Valentine’s Day staples will never die out!

4. Bowling
Although bowling may be a little old fashioned, it can still be very enjoyable for everyone involved! Who ever said you can’t have a little competition on Valentine’s Day? Plus, bowling is a universally loved activity for both dates and get-togethers, so it’s hard to go wrong!

5. Skating
Skating is also a little old fashioned but it can still be just as romantic! Couples can even spice it up and go ice skating in Decatur, Illinois. Who doesn’t like falling on their butt in front of their loved ones? Experiences like these make funny but sweet memories.

6. Arcade
This activity can also get a little pricey, but can be worth it for the cute prizes you could win for each other! Win them something they will cherish for years to come!

7. Late night car ride
Gas prices may be high but there is just something special about driving at night that allows people to bond. Go drive around the lake and listen to your favorite songs. Even better, find a romantic spot to park and watch the stars, or slow dance under the night sky.

8. Ice cream
This simple date allows couples to get to know each other better. As everyone knows, there is no better judge of character than your favorite flavor of ice cream. Go out and get your favorite ice cream together. Even better, try to make homemade ice cream at home together!

9. Shopping
Head to one of the local malls and just enjoy the day being together and looking at the new fashion or technology. The trip is not necessarily meant to buy anything; it can be fun to just be out and about as a couple!

10. Just spend time together
The best advice, however, for a successful Valentine’s day is to just listen to each other. Decide together what you both want to do and go do it. Communication is key and everyone wants to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Do not put pressure on yourself to make it perfect. Whether you spend the day in, or go out somewhere, we hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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