Lake Land College: what is hidden in plain sight


Students are also welcomed to study and socialize I n the student center. Photo retrieved Lake Land College.

Trinity Turner, Reporter

Attention new and returning Lakers alike! As you start or continue your journey here at Lake Land College (LLC), it is time to inform you of all the things LLC offers.

To start, LLC offers multiple jobs that students can take up to get a little more money. These jobs are available to those from all different groups with abilities. 

One of the jobs is located at LLC’s library, as a librarian. They would be required to work with students, return and check out books as well as print library cards. Workers may be asked questions by other students and need to locate books. LLC’s library also offers an online database for research as well as thousands of books on different subjects. 

Located at the top of the library, are little study rooms. These rooms are open to students if they need a quiet place to study. If students ever wish to utilize these rooms, all they would need to do is call the circulation desk at (217) 234-5367. 

Another job working with books is at the college’s bookstore, the Laker Nest. The Laker Nest offers textbook rentals as well as LLC merchandise. When working at the bookstore, a student would have to help with students and find textbooks. On top of this, they would also learn how to run a register, stock merchandise and produce Laker IDs. All of these skills are valuable for future job experiences!

Another job offered on campus is at the college’s tutoring center. LLC offers a center where students can help other students learn their course material. People working as tutors can choose the subjects they would like to teach in. To work here, students need to be confident in the material they are teaching. This job can also teach students patience, which is also an important skill for future careers!

The Navigator News, LLC’s college newspaper, also has some very flexible hours. Many positions are available, such as editing, reporting, designing and managing social media or ad sales. At the Navigator News, students learn how to run interviews and compose articles, as well as other important communication and writing skills.

LLC also offers a college work-study program. This work-study gives students money that they can put towards tuition. On top of the work-study, the college also offers scholarships, which can help pay for tuition as well.

The college has a service for first generation college students to help navigate some of the confusion with trying to obtain a higher education called TRiO. TRiO advisers not only help educate students about their time at LLC, but also about transferring after they graduate.

LLC also offers student-run activities. On most Wednesdays, the Student Activity Board (SAB) holds fun events for students to help them unwind. These events are planned by the students for the students. Not only can students attend the events, but they can also join SAB to help plan these events. If interested in joining, please see the Director of Student Life, Lisa Shumard-Shelton.

Lakers can also get pampered by the students in the Cosmetology program, get their teeth cleaned by students in the Dental Hygiene program or go work out at the gym located in the Field House on campus. More details about these services are discussed in Audra Gullquist’s article “Lake Land College survival guide” found in the October issue of the Navigator News.

 For future teachers, LLC offers a teacher workroom.  This workroom allows future teachers “help specifically on their teacher related projects in their specific education classes. It is open to all education and early childhood majors and students presently enrolled in EDU and ECE classes. It is available for the education department faculty to utilize,” Gullquist mentions in her article. If students would like to know more about the workrooms offered for any Education/teaching classes, please reach out to Kimberly Davis.

Amenities like these help students prosper at LLC, and should be taken advantage of. If you would like to learn more about these amenities, please visit or feel free to reach out to staff or students at Lake Land College!

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