Animal Crossing’s final content update

A reason to return to the island


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Hannah Hunt, Co-Managing Editor

Announced during the Sept. 23 Nintendo Direct, Animal Crossing is having it’s final content update. This means that there will be nothing else added to the game for free. 

This final update launched Nov. 5, allowing everyone with the game to have access. This was one of the games biggest updates, compared only to the July update in the summer of 2020 which introduced swimming and diving to the game.

So exactly what content was added? Updates to villagers, decorations, crafting, and reactions! Not only that, but there have been add ons to the museum and the docks. 

For most of these features to be accessible the player’s island needs to be at three stars, unlocked KK Slider, upgraded the museum to have an art exhibit and donate at least one of each specimen: fossil, fish, bug and art.

So to start the update out with one of the most hyped additions, go see Blathers in the museum. He’ll tell you about an old friend of his, Brewster, and how he has not seen him in a while. Then he discusses the idea of expanding the museum, and adding a cafe.

HannaConda enjoying a hot coffee at Brewster’s cafe, The Roost.

(Hannah Hunt)

Blathers will ask the player to keep an eye out on nearby islands for Brewster, who may be searching for a rare gyroid. This introduces two of the other new features added during the update.

On to the dock, a boat has been docked there. Talk to the captain of this boat, who introduces himself as Kapp’n, and he will take the player to explore nearby islands for 1,000 Nook Miles.

Riding to a nearby island with Kapp’n.

(Hannah Hunt)

Players can find gyroids on these islands. Gyroids can be described as special furniture that make unique sounds. They will wiggle and toot to whatever music you place them by. These funky little pieces of furniture are dug up on nearby islands as Gyroid fragments, then planted onto the player’s home island. The next day when they are dug up they will be ready to move and groove.

Finding a gyroid fragment on a nearby island.

(Hannah Hunt)

Burying the gyroid fragment on the home island to harvest a gyroid the next day.


Once a player notifies Brewster of Blathers plan, they must then tell Blathers that Brewster accepts. If this step is skipped, the museum will not start construction of the cafe.

Hopefully at this point a player has saved up a great sum of bells, they will need them. Heading over to Harv’s island via DoDo Airlines, a player will be notified by Wilbur that Harv has added a new path. By traveling this path the player will find Harv and Harriet, Harv’s pink poodle friend.

HannaConda and Harriet sharing a moment.

(Hannah Hunt)

After talking with Harv he will discuss his new business idea, opening a plaza that features shop owners that come to the home island. This would include booths from Lief, Kicks, Saharah, Redd and Cyrus and Reese. It also adds booths from some faces not yet seen in New Horizons. Tortimer will store the players’ things for them and Katrina will give them Luck predictions.

HannaConda enjoys some of the wares being sold on Harv’s island.

(Hannah Hunt)

A player must pay 100,000 bells to open any of the booths. Once one booth has been opened, Harriet will start giving free hair styles to the player, which can be accessed by interacting with a table mirror.

On top of these two big updates, there has been an addition to the villagers who can move to the island, nine new villagers and seven returning.

Players can now have permanent ladders set up around their island instead of keeping them in their inventory. Also new island customization options, like fencing, island ordinances, storage sheds, donation boxes and a portable Automatic Bell-Dispenser (ABD) are available.

HannaConda bakes a Peach Tart.

(Hannah Hunt)

Can’t stand the heat? Cooking has been added to Animal Crossing! Grow produce and take it straight to the kitchen! Not only are players finally given a reason to grow pumpkins other than the DIY Recipes! Cook dishes for friends or to put on the tables around the island.

Home customization has also been updated. Not only can players add accent walls to their rooms, but there are multiple furniture additions as well. Some of the newest additions include hanging furniture from the ceiling. This can lights, plants and shelving units.

Players can express themselves further with the new reactions added during the update as well.

Also available is a DLC Happy Home Paradise. This DLC costs about $25, and is an addition to the playable game. It is not a mandatory addition however.

Happy Home paradise DLC. Photo via Nintendo.

With so many new things to do in the game it is time to return to the island and get back to work.

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