Decorations or de-bore-ations?


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Trinity Turner, Reporter

Lakers, Christmas is right around the corner, which means decorating time! However, it’s 2021 and those boring Christmas lights will just not cut it. This list will include the top ten things that combined make Christmas decorating rock (around the Christmas tree)!

  1. Lights

While they are basic, just doing them is not enough. Christmas is not Christmas without lights. Get creative with the lights, and then we can talk!

  1. Wreaths

These decorations to decorate the door are fun to make but sadly not many know how to use them. If you do not know how to make one yourself, just buy one from the store and make your door less boring this holiday season!

  1. Ornaments

It is not Christmas without ornaments on the tree. These are really cool decorations that you can make but they come in all different forms. They also make character ornaments, which can display your interests and hobbies right on your tree.

  1. Gingerbread houses

This fun tradition will forever symbolize Christmas as it is the one time of year you can catch the gingerbread man. You can also do so much with Gingerbread houses and cookies. The possibilities only end where your imagination stops!

  1. Stockings

Stockings are an amazing decoration as they will hold chocolate and small presents. They also just look plain cute on a fireplace, and keep the old Christmas traditions alive.

  1. Inflatable yard decorations

These new air-powered things will shock many as you can get them in various shapes, sizes and characters. With Amazon always at the tips of our fingers, you can find almost any type of inflatable decoration in any size.

  1. Window stickers

Window stickers can be used to tell a story. It is also an easy decoration for kids. Gel window stickers are always a blast to play with as a kid, and are a fun way to dress up your windows! (Note from editor: Do NOT stick them on walls. I will have fake gel blood stains from Halloween on my walls for the rest of eternity. You are welcome.)

  1. Fake Snow

Fake snow is so much fun to play with. You can make so many different things and artwork on the windows with “snow.” Create a winter wonderland even though midwest Thankgivings are generally whiter than our Christmas.

  1. Christmas tree

This tradition must be second as it is the main decoration of Christmas. It is also going to be cool to see what future Christmas trees will look like as you can set up a light show in the shape of a tree. Also, trees are not exclusively real green trees anymore, so you can get funky with the tree color too!

  1. Light shows

So many holiday decorators have learned how to sync their lights to a show or song. This creates an amazing visual that people from all around will see. Become a professional level decorator with projector lights and Bluetooth enabled light strips!

However you choose to decorate, should only matter what you like. So whether you like to be extravagant or you like to keep it simple, have fun with your decorations and have a great Christmas!

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