SGA elects new PIO

SGA news update


Mackenzie Bratton, new SGA Public Information Officer. Photo provided by Mackenzie Bratton

Shayla Taylor, Business Manager and Reporter

Lake Land’s Student Government Association (SGA) is currently working through several issues, but a significant recent development has been the former Public Information Officer (PIO), Wyatt Zumbahlen, leaving office and the election of a replacement. The new PIO is freshman Mackenzie Bratton. She said in a statement, “I am very excited to take on my new role as PIO. Thank you to my fellow delegates for voting for me!”

In other areas of business, the group has attempted to revamp the system through which students submit complaints. This year, they have been using QR codes for students to scan and submit complaints, but it was discovered that it was not working properly. They believe they have solved that problem. 

SGA hosted and staffed a blood drive on Nov. 3, 2021. Former PIO, Wyatt Zumbahlen stated, “The blood drive went better than expected, as we got several more pints of blood than anticipated. The student body was also very involved.” In fact, there were 36 units of blood collected compared to 18 expected. 

Also, in an effort to help Student Activity Board, which is struggling with attaining enough members and resources, SGA has agreed to send members to meetings and events, as well as voted in favor of allocating $1000 to the group for this fiscal year. 

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