SGA participates in focus group, elects new secretary


Douglas Wilson

Shayla Taylor, Reporter and Business Manager

October was a very full month for Lake Land’s Student Government Association. At the beginning of the month, they participated in a focus group with Lake Land’s Chief Information Officer, David Stewart, on how students feel about educational technology on and off campus. 

Members brought up several of their own concerns, as well as those they had heard from fellow students. The main concerns were the outdated email system and feeling as though they did not have adequate guidance using online systems. 

Stewart commented, “I think the meeting was excellent. I am very pleased with the feedback; we will be able to incorporate it for the planning committee and we will be able to address several concerns in the short and long term.” 

Also according to Stewart, the strategic goal is to improve the process of online courses. Academic services are being structurally reorganized to better meet the needs of the college and its students. 

The group also elected a new secretary, Douglas Wilson, a freshman majoring in health and human services. He said of his election, “I am thrilled to serve as secretary for the SGA. I will continue to do my part to make positive changes at LLC. Thank you to my fellow delegates who voted for me!” 

Most recently, the governing body met with campus police to discuss student concerns about several intersections near and on campus. Namely, hard-to-see stop signs and a yield sign that had been removed. Chief of police Jeff Branson explained that the yield sign was removed because it caused congestion. They have also placed cameras at entrances and are working on putting up four more speed signs on campus. 

Branson said of the meeting, “These are valid concerns that need to be addressed. We appreciate the feedback on how to make campus a safer place.” 

Lastly, they are establishing committees for the school year. There are several committees, each headed by an officer, and one does not have to be an SGA member to join a committee. If interested, ask an SGA member how to join!

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