An inspirational and musical afternoon with Jason Levasseur

SAB’s gift to the Lakers

Hannah Hunt, Co-Managing Editor

Jason Levassuer graced Laker Point with his musical talents and punny dad jokes Wednesday, Sept. 22. Levasseur started his show out excitedly telling everyone how glad he was to be performing at Lake Land. Especially at 11 a.m. because “there is no better time than 11 a.m. to rock.”

Not only did he talk to the crowd, but he also took the time out to ask everyone their names. He then kept up a conversation with the students throughout the entire show! “I expect to know all of your names by the end of the day.”

 He even called some students out by name and asked them things like, what’s on their sandwich or if they had met a group at a different table.

After introducing a couple different Lakers to each other, Levasseur shouted into the microphone with glee, “ Making friends in college, best day ever!”

As some students had to leave from the show to go to class, he thanked them for coming and even wished one student luck on her upcoming exam. 

At one point during his performance, a group of Dental Hygiene students sat and enjoyed the show. As Levasseur took notice of this he struck up a conversation with them from the stage. After a while he deemed Wednesday “Dental Hygiene Appreciation Wednesday” and polled the crowd on their dental hygiene habits. Then everyone took turns telling Dental puns.

“Do you want to know my opinion on Dental Hygiene? It totally bites,” Levasseur said smiling, “I just came up with that one.”

Not only did Levaseur bring the crowd together through his words, His music also put many people at ease. He played a mixture of some of his own songs, such as “Circus comes to town” or “I’m in the mood for a good day”, but also many other popular songs by artists like The Beatles, Buffalo Springfield and The Allman Brothers Band.

He even had a song requested by the crowd, “Driver is the DJ”, which he had played years ago during his first visit to LLC.

Levaseur’s show was one of many SAB events to come. Lake Land students are welcome to come to any of the upcoming events to unwind in between classes. 

You can learn more about Jason Levasseur at his website:

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