Vaccines and Incentives


Addie Eddy, Social Media Manager

Illinois colleges are now required to test their students every week or have their students get vaccinated. There are many differing opinions on this subject. Since this affects the lives of so many people, the administration here at Lake Land has started offering incentives to encourage students to go get the vaccine.

Katie Parrish, a teacher here at Lake Land, wouldn’t call these incentives, but rather a “smart tactic.” “Not everyone is going to come forward and say “I have the vaccine.” so this is a good way to get people to come out and say it,” she states. 

One student, freshman Brenna Hayes, says “I don’t really want the vaccine, but the incentives make me want to get it. Every college kid wants money, so of course they’re going to get just for that reason.” 

Being that LLC is an optional education system, does that mean that because of the rule and regulations that kids will choose not to come to college? There are many things that could deter kids away from college, this is just adding to that list.

 “I’m worried that people will choose not to pursue higher education because of a personal preference. You can’t put your life on hold for this,” says Parrish.

Hayes feels similarly in that aspect. “There is no way this will influence the college positively. People will start to not come to class, drop out, and then eventually people just won’t come back,” she says. 

There are so many different ways to look at this topic. With all of the different platforms there are in today’s day and age, we don’t know what to believe. 

It’s very apparent that things are different from what they were 2 years ago, and we’re all just trying to figure it out along the way.

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