Concerts versus COVID

A fight to the finish

Hannah Hunt, Co-Managing Editor

Concerts are starting to come back and COVID-19 is standing backstage. With the virus still on the loose will new cases skyrocket as people try to take back some of their lives? Will concert enjoyers try to stay safe with masks and social distance? Will everything just get shut down again?

Lake Land student Emma Theriault expressed her concerns and excitement about the return of live music. Theriault is worried concerts will become a “super spreader” but that their return also ”sparks hope for more people to go get vaccines.”

Many venues will be enforcing concert goers to wear masks, though not all of them will.

Theriault also brought up her indifference to masks in her interview, “I’m excited that concerts are coming back, just not about having to wear masks to them.”

There have even been some concerts held at Lake Land! In the month of September three different entertainers were brought in for SAB events to allow students to enjoy some down time in between classes. 

Theriault finished by saying “It’s a good idea to hold events like these, just as long as we’re still keeping everyone safe: the students, teachers and performers.”


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