Lakers it’s time to read!


Trinity Turner, Repoerter

As Welcome day came to an end it came to my attention that Lake Land College does not have a book club.

A book club would be very beneficial to Lake Land as it gives kids the opportunity to sit and talk about books. Also, with Covid putting things to a halt, it allows another way for people to see each other. 

My personal experience with a book club was wonderful. Not only did it help me expand my love for literature, but it also helped me understand and process literature better! It gave me a place to go and talk to others about the book we were reading if I was confused about something. 

While wondering who to talk to about starting a book club and hearing a few interested people say if I start one and they will join I ran into Sarah Hill, LLC’s Director of Library Services. 

Hill recalled her time as a “highschool librarian for fourteen years down at Fairview Highschool and Paris Highschool,” and mentioned that there was almost always an active book club at these schools.

“Some were formal and some were informal. Most of the book clubs were student driven so they picked what we read and then through library loans we could get what they needed.”  Hill stated.

Hill has been at Lake Land for nine years and has never seen a book club on campus. I feel disappointed by this news as I know there are readers on campus, and even people that suffer from understanding English. If Lake Land had a book club we would be able to help these people. 

Students would be able to pick a book and have others read it, then they’d get to see how everyone else understood it. 

Some club activities could include some games or activities that help us better understand the character’s point of view, feelings, and just put us in the character’s shoes. We could also just simply get together and talk about the book we read.We could set a goal to read a book together as well. I know many Lakers also like free food so that could be an option as well. 

Hill summed up exactly how our lack of a book club makes me feel by saying “I do think it would be beneficial to have a book club here as anytime you get students together to discuss books and what they are reading; I think it’s a good opportunity and I would be happy to start one if there is interest.”

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