Welcome to the Tutoring Center

Welcome to the Tutoring Center

Darrius Frazier, Archivist

As a Lake Land College student, are you struggling in class or need help understanding what was covered during class? If so, the Tutoring Center at Webb Hall, Room 130, is the place to be. The tutoring is free as an LLC student and can be used to improve academic performances, lessen stress and teach students how to study along with having the option of having study partners.

Although the most requested subject for tutoring is math, there are also tutors in biology, chemistry, physics, economics, English, time management, technology and more. The Tutoring Center is currently hiring tutors for the aforementioned courses along with other courses, which typically do not have tutoring services readily available.  

In addition to the Tutoring Center offering tutoring services to students, the Tutoring Center also offers college placement proctoring for exams and on-line courses and provides supplemental services for students with disabilities and testing either to get into the program or for the national certification at the end of the program. 

The Tutoring Center offers placement-testing batteries for reading, English and math along with offering General Educational Diploma (GED) courses in place of a high school diploma.  The supplemental services offered for students with disabilities are: extended time on exams, test read, alternative settings and in Braille for virtual impaired students.  In regards to alternative settings, the students have the option of taking the exams either at the Tutoring Center site, elsewhere on campus outside of the classroom of the exam.

The tests the Tutoring Center offers for different programs are the HESI A2, ASE, CCMA, CLEP, mechanical reasoning and ISPMB.  The HESI A2 exam is the entrance exam program for students entering the nursing program, which is a one-year program, after meeting the minimum requirement for the placement testing battery exams mentioned above along with other prerequisite courses.  

The ASE (Automotive Service Exam) is an exam for students after they completed the courses in the Automotive Technology field.  The program covers the vehicle’s mechanical, electrical and electronic systems, including light duty diesel fuel & emissions systems.  

The CCMA exam, short for Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, is an exam for students who have completed the medical assistant program and need to be certified.  The students will take this exam through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).  Students who passed this exam go on to both administrative and clinical roles. In these positions, duties may include patient care, phlebotomy, injections and assistance with minor office procedures, scheduling and billing. The goals of the program are to prepare competent entry-level medical assistants in the knowledge, skills and behavior learning domains.

The CLEP or the College Level Examination Program exam is for students looking to enroll at Lake Land College.  CLEP examinations are based on college level coursework. If students participate in these programs, they must request that the results be forwarded to the Lake Land College Admissions and Records Office. However, students must be aware that CLEP credits may not be accepted as transfer credit at other colleges or universities.  

The ISPMB or the Illinois State Police Merit Board testing is for students who are looking to become Illinois State Troopers.  The students go to the website, enter their permanent address and then get assigned to which community college that they will take the examination.  The fitness test will go along with the examination.  

The Director of the Tutoring Center, Ms. Karla Miller, started as a part-time math tutor and instructor in August 1990. Ms. Miller remained as a part-time worker  until August 2008, when she became full-time. After her superiors retired, Ms. Miller became the Director of the Tutoring Center. 

COVID-19 put a damper on many aspects of campus life at all colleges and universities worldwide and Lake Land College was no exception to it, especially the Tutoring Center.  As a result of COVID-19, tutoring could only be held virtually and there was no placement testing or proctoring offered.  Only at the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester has tutoring and other services been reinstated at the Tutoring Center.

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