Student of the Month: Dental Hygiene


Brianna Rogers (left) Taylor Sutton (right)

Addie Eddy, Social Media Manager

Lake Land’s dental hygiene program has decided to select a student of the month each month for the rest of the year. The students enrolled in the classes will vote on one student to be honored for that month. 

August’s student of the month was Brianna Rogers.

Rogers was chosen by the instructors because she was the first person to get her books, which showed them that she was already on top of things. 

As for September, the student of the month is Taylor Sutton. September was the first month that the students in the class voted.

Both girls said they were surprised when they learned that they had received this honor.

 “I was really surprised,” said Rogers, a freshman at Lake Land. “I walked in on the first day and they told me I was the student of the month.” 

Sutton felt the same way, since she was the first person to be voted for. “I really wanted it, but I didn’t expect to be the first person voted for it,” says Taylor.

Rogers and Sutton were both dental assistants before they started the program, so they had a little bit of background in dental work. 

“It really helped me, but it’s not necessary in order to start the program,” says Sutton. 

Both girls really enjoyed the classes as well. 

“The classes are great and the teachers do an amazing job. They start from the very beginning and explain everything along the way,” says Rogers.

The dental hygienist program is taught by practicing or former dental hygienists and dentists as well. Both Brianna and Taylor see futures in this field, so they were very happy that their instructors have been there and know exactly what they are going through. 

The students in this program vote for the student of the month and Rogers and Sutton both agreed there were specific attributes they look for in their fellow students.

 They stated that you need to have a positive attitude, good leadership skills, be willing to help others, be respectful of your colleagues and be a team player. They both said this program was a great way to make friends and they are excited to continue on.

The Administrative Assistant, Ashley Homann said, “This is the closest class we’ve seen in years. It’s mind-blowing.”

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