McDonald’s partners with recording artist Saweetie to create a new meal

McDonald’s partners with recording artist Saweetie to create a new meal

Shayla Taylor, Business Manager

McDonald’s recently unveiled a new meal named the Saweetie meal. The meal, which comes with a Big Mac, four-piece chicken McNugget, french fries, and a Sprite is named after American rapper Saweetie. The meal also comes with “Saweetie and Sour” Sauce (which is just normal sweet and sour sauce with a slightly different packaging) and Tangy BBQ sauce to dip the nuggets and fries in. To top it all off, McDonald’s made a special packaging for the meal with Saweetie’s name plastered on the side, and a few sassy catchphrases.

The female rapper suggests mixing all the elements of the meal by topping the Big Mac with some fries and a container of her “Saweetie and Sour” Sauce, or topping the chicken McNuggets with the fries and sauce. “I like to mix it all up,” Saweetie says in her McDonald’s promotion while showcasing different ways to mix up her limited time meal.

Saweetie’s given name is Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper. She released her first single in 2017, but has only skyrocketed to fame in the last couple of years, arguably in correspondence with the popular social media app Tik Tok. Several of her singles have been used in viral trends on the app, such as “My Type” and “Tap in.” Dancers all over the world have used her music to showcase their skills, with fan-made choreographies and concepts. 

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