There will always be a place in my heart for Lake Land College


Kaitlyn Bloemer, Photographer and Reporter

It seems so unbelievable to me that two years at Lake Land has gone by so fast. I know that sounds super cliche, but it’s true. It has been really hard for me lately to choose where I want to go to school next. Simply because I truly do not want to leave Lake Land College and the memories I have made here behind. 

I chose to come to Lake Land because it felt like home to me, and I mean that. I spent a lot of time at Lake Land College while in high school, whether it be for cross country meets, WYSE tournaments, or anything in between. I always felt a sense of belonging when I walked onto campus. It was the perfect place for me to be. Close to home, affordable and packed with opportunities. In my time here, I have enjoyed being a part of the admissions office, PTK, NSLS, Student Ambassadors and of course, The Navigator. 

Although I didn’t join The Navigator my first year at Lake Land, since my schedule was jam packed, I knew I wanted this experience after learning about it through my tours. I saw the way that the staff interacted with each other in their meetings, and in the Student Life office. They had an amazing bond with each other. Although the chance to build that same bond was a little hampered by the COVID virus, I am thankful to have met the people I did in this organization. I am so happy that toward the end of the year, we got to meet in person, because I got to truly get to know who I was working with and who they are behind the scenes, and that’s the most exciting part about getting involved, in my opinion. 

I would also like to give a big shout out to the Student Ambassador program and those who are a part of it. This team broke me out of my shell quite a bit, and got me over my fear of being in college. It opened doors for me to work for the admissions office, meet new people and develop my people and communication skills. I have so many memories from Laker Visit Days, Career Days, tours and more that I hope to never forget. 

I need to thank each and every professor I have had here. You all made the transition from high school to college as seamless as possible. I was so worried that once I made my way into college, that I would be in a whole new ballpark. However, even through completely online learning, you guys have guided me to success, and made sure that I obtained it, no matter what. I appreciate everything that you guys have done for me, because now I am on the best track as I enter into a four-year university. 

I genuinely mean it when I say it is hard to leave Lake Land as a student. I wholeheartedly wish that I could stay here for all four years of my education, but I know I have to let go and move on. It comforts me to know that I am leaving behind an amazing school with amazing people inside that I can lean on to support me throughout my education.
Thank you Lake Land College, for everything.

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