Saying goodbye to an important chapter of my life


Breanna Moore, Layout and Design Editor

While I am sitting here writing this, I can’t believe that graduation is approaching so quickly. I have spent the past three years as a student at Lake Land College and as I am preparing for myself to say goodbye this month, I can’t help but reflect on what the past three years had been for me. I have participated in and completed two different majors while attending the school, which include cosmetology and graphic design. In addition to my majors, I was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and of course, I worked for the college’s student newspaper. 

When it comes to my favorite part about going to Lake Land College, I’d genuinely have to say that it would have to be working for The Navigator. I love my job as the Layout and Design Editor, and it’s a position that I have held for the two years that I have been working for The Navigator. My job has been extremely enjoyable and I have met a lot of really cool people that worked with me. I am honestly quite sad that once I graduate I will have to resign from my position as a part of The Navigator staff. I know I’ll really miss my job and my coworkers collectively. 

While my entire college experience didn’t go as regularly as I had expected it to thanks to COVID-19 and the global pandemic, I still enjoyed my time at Lake Land whether it was in person or online. I got more involved at Lake Land College than I ever got involved in the schools that I went to in the past. Out of all of the experiences I have had in my life with attending school, my most enjoyable experience has certainly been in college. Even though we may be turning the page and entering the next chapter of our lives after graduation, looking back at my time in college will always be something I will remember.

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