Twitch streamer streams for 716 hours straight

Hannah Hunt, Reporter

Popular Twitch Streamer, Ludwig had announced during a stream on Feb. 28 that he was taking his first break ever during his three years of streaming. This break was only supposed to last ten days total. During the announcement Ludwig had promised his audience that he would be back on March 11 for what he called “Stream Week.” He promised his viewers a 24 hour long stream to make up for his absence. However, Ludwig changed his mind over his break. He announced on March 11, his first day back to streaming, that he “needed something bigger, something better, something more Ludwig.” He officially announced it as a Subathon that day, and confirmed that he would go for as long as his timer counted. The timer began counting down at 30 minutes on March 14, and so did Ludwig’s Subathon. 

31 days, 716 hours, 1.05 million followers, 280,370 subscribers and one broken record later he ended this stream. No one expected this to happen, especially not Ludwig. In fact, he only expected it to last around 24 hours, which would be great because this would take care of his promised 24 hour stream. However, this clearly was not the case. For 31 days straight Ludwig ate, gamed and slept live on stream. Yes, that right he even slept on stream. Ludwig, the hater of all parasocial relationships, was forced to be with his fans 24/7. He was forced to take his stream just about everywhere with him, which usually meant his streaming room, the kitchen and his garage where he worked out. Once it even went to the bathroom with him while he showered with shorts on. He did lots of things to pass the time, but he mostly played video games. At night he would even watch movies or videos to fall asleep to. At one point he even hosted a Watch Party to stream The Truman Show, which was what every one compared his new life on stream to. He cooked on stream, making meals for his housemates: QTCinderella, Slime, Aiden, Kneep and Nick.

At night while he slept, there was a media share screen where viewers could donate money towards the timer, and pick out a video to play videos on stream. Keeping track of the videos and the timer while he slept were Ludwig’s moderators. They would take shifts watching over Ludwigs stream and keeping the viewers happy. They called this uncommon interaction with the viewers the “Modcast.” The cast of mods spent this time laughing and enjoying eachothers company, and when it was finally time for it to end they even held an award show in secret. The “Modcasties,” were based solely on the viewers’ votes and was a big secret from Ludwig. They reviewed their favorite parts of the Modcast and even voted on who the best mod was. Ludwig has said that the Subathon was a “once in a lifetime opportunity for me, and I mean that. Once.” However, because of the love the viewers had for the Modcast, Ludwig is considering the possibility of a monthly 24 hour stream.

He ended his stream with a total of 282,190 subscribers, blowing Ninja’s record of 269,154 subscribers out of the water. Thankfully, there are no hard feelings between the two. Ninja even tweeted out that records are meant to be broken and gave his congratulations to Ludwig for being the new record holder. 

In the wise words of the number one most subscribed streamer, Ludwig7’s in the chat boys, See You Space Cowboy…

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