SGA welcomes in new members

SGA welcomes in new members

Hannah Hunt, Reporter

The Lake Land Student Government Association elected nine students into the Association for next school year. Four of these students have been re-elected, and five have been newly elected. 

New member Hunter Daughtrey, a sophomore majoring in Computer Aided Design Technology, said “I look forward to making a difference at Lake Land College with my fellow SGA members and other students at Lake Land College.” When asked why he joined SGA, Daughtrey’s response was, “I am a friendly, outgoing, reliable, hardworking person who wants to make a positive impact on those around me. I am detail-oriented which helps me stay organized and get things done. I have received numerous commendations from teachers and supervisors for demonstrating hard work, team building and leadership skills. I enjoy working with others and am a cooperative and dedicated team player.” As for their future SGA goals, they are focused on the students of LLC. “I want to show my fellow students at Lake Land College that your voice can be heard. I want students at Lake Land College to believe that their opinions matter, and I want to ensure that the students at Lake Land are given the best college experience.” Daughtrey said.

New member Wyatt Zumbahlen, a freshman majoring in History, said that his reasons for joining SGA are for personal growth and learning opportunities. As Zumbahlen said, “I joined SGA because I feel that this organization can help develop my leadership skills. I have always been curious about student body affairs and hope this can be an opportunity to make a difference in this school. I have many ideas that I think would be very helpful to SGA and to help benefit the school. I have also been interested in what goes on in our school and would like to be active in the part of making those decisions which affect us as students.” Meanwhile, Zumbahlen’s goals are simple, “My goal as a SGA member to provide an official voice through which student opinion may be expressed and promote the rights of students.”

New member Chase J. Temmen, a freshman majoring in Ag. Transfer, said “I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life, and I am looking forward to having an amazing year on SGA!” When asked for their reason for joining SGA, Temman said, “I joined the Student Government of Lake Land College to help be a leading voice amongst the student body. As well as being a strong leader who will work to get the college the recognition it deserves, and make the student life experience the best that it possibly can be.” As for Temmen’s future SGA goal, they said, “My goal in SGA is to be the best leader I can possibly be, and in order to help accomplish this goal I will have to utilize my core value of Passion to help me.”

New Member Logan Puckett, a sophomore majoring in Business Accountancy, said “ I hope to represent all student’s interests here at Lake Land College!” When asked why they were interested in SGA, Puckett’s response was full of passion. “I joined SGA because I have been increasingly frustrated with how the college is being operated at a student level, and I wanted to have a voice.” Puckett said, “ I also want to be involved in more political topics and I thought this would be a great start in learning more about the procedures in the government.” However, their goal was simple, they want to enjoy their time being a part of SGA. “My goal is to have fun while I participate in school activities!”

New Member Brady Clark, a freshman majoring in Ag. Transfer, said that they joined SGA for something new. “I joined SGA because I’ve never been in any organization remotely like this and I’m looking forward to challenging myself. I can’t wait to be engaged with other students within and outside of my major. I also joined SGA to be a part of decisions made here at Lake Land College!” said Clark. As for their goals, Clark said “My goal as a new SGA member is to meet as many people as possible and be a voice for the student body.”

Lane Himes, a sophomore majoring in Nursing, was re-elected this year. Their reason for joining is also for development. “I joined SGA because it is a respectable organization. It makes sure that the student body of Lake Land College has a voice. Through this organization, I can develop my leadership skill, which is a crucial part of nursing and being in the healthcare field” said Himes. Then, when asked about their future goals, they said “My goal as an SGA member is to give the student body a voice and to make sure that their experience at Lake Land College is the best experience they can have. I also want to make Lake Land College better for future students that will come to get their education.”

Kambelle Ashmore, a freshman majoring in History, was re-elected this year. They said, “I am just excited to continue SGA going into next year!” When asked about their reasons for joining SGA, Ashmore discussed their passion for leadership. “I wanted to join SGA because I was involved in leadership organizations in high school and it became a passion of mine. I would like to continue my SGA career into sophomore year as I am a Freshman Delegate currently” said Ashmore. Their goals are simple, they want change and enjoyment. “My goal as an SGA member is to continue participating in something that allows me to continue experiencing my passion for leadership.” said Ashmore, “Overall, I just want to continue making change, while doing something I enjoy!”

Two other members were re-elected, Brooke Beyers and Skye Schumaker. We were unable to get statements from these two. We look forward to seeing what the new SGA electees accomplish in the next year.

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