Baseball and Softball swing into season

April 2021 Satire Issue

Caden B. Miller, Professional Procrastinator

As the Earth begins its axial tilt towards the sun, so it can reheat its leftovers from last fall, it’s time for the sports with bases and bats to enter the start of their playing season. This is the first season played after the pandemic, and the players are excited about a productive and, knock on wood, victorious season. 

Freshman Lucas Otto, a player on the baseball team, had this to say. “Basically, we’re off to a pretty good season. Everyone is doing well, fitting into their roles nicely. It’s nice because everyone on the team has good chemistry and gets along really well, so it builds a really good family atmosphere between all of us.” 

There have been little to no problems, according to Otto, but those that they have had brought them even closer. “I think we’ve started out really good, but we’ve had some hiccups here and there. Which is kind of good because it just shows that we can be an even better team once we fix some mistakes as the season goes on.” 

Otto also had a few words he mentioned about Head Coach Julio Godinez, who was newly hired in the 2019-2020 season. “I think he’s doing pretty good for his second year, and I just think things will continue to get better the later we go into the season.” 

Success isn’t limited to just one side of the field though. Things are looking just as good for the Lakers on the softball diamond. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find a representative for the softball team, but their incredibly impressive record speaks for itself. Out of the 23 total matches played, the Lakers only let four losses slip by them. Two of the losses occurred in double-headers, in which the Lakers won the other match. I can see the softball field from my window, and even though I can’t see any other players besides the pitcher, first basewoman and the catcher, the crowd they draw during a game sure deserves a trophy.

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