Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante starts podcast, ‘Good For A Girl’

April 2021 Satire Issue


Breanna Moore, Professional Fangirl

Spiritbox is a metal band from Vancouver Island, Canada that started getting some major attention during 2020. The band released a total four singles, including their heavy hit “Holy Roller,” which they later did an additional remix of with Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake. They announced their signing to Rise Records and that they were beginning the process of making a new album. Spiritbox also dominated satellite rock and metal radio stations during 2020. At the end of the year, Spiritbox’s song “Holy Roller” claimed the number one spot on SiriusXM Liquid Metal Devil’s Dozen Year End Countdown. Another one of their songs, “Blessed Be,” placed number 29 on SiriusXM Octane Big Uns Countdown 2020. 

As the band is currently working on their album, which is hopefully to come out sometime this year, vocalist Courtney LaPlante has started a side project in the world of podcasts. On Feb. 3, Courtney announced her new podcast titled “Good For A Girl.” In the podcast, Courtney would be talking with other women that are also in the metal music industry to talk about how they found their success, the trials they had to face and overcome, and their own personal experiences and beliefs regarding the world of metal. The metal music industry has almost always been dominated by males, even though there were always women involved with it as well. In more recent years, it’s been more common to see female metal musicians, however the genre is still very heavily dominated by men. Courtney wanted to discuss this with other women that have also been fighting to make their place in the world of metal, just as she has been, and what makes their success good, for a girl. 

The very first episode of “Good For A Girl” aired on Feb. 10. The guest for this first episode was Caity Babs, a radio personality and host for SiriusXM channels Octane and Turbo. This has so far been my personal favorite episode of the podcast. Courtney and Caity talk about the way they found their way into their current positions in the world of music, being Canadian and loving metal, and funny stories from their past. Caity even described the story of how she was introduced to the genre for the first time: she found a busted up MP3 player on the sidewalk during her walk home from school and it was full of metal bands that she instantly fell in love with. Another thing they talked about was not being taken seriously due to the fact that they were females. 

Since then, there have been two more episodes of “Good For A Girl” released. The special guests for these episodes included Booka Nile from the band Make Them Suffer and Francesca Caldara, UNFD North American Label Manager and head of A&R. The most recent episode came out on March 10, and the next one has not yet been announced. 

“Good For A Girl” is such an interesting podcast and it quickly became my personal favorite. It’s a good combination of a women’s only podcast and talking about the music industry, more specifically the metal industry. It’s a very good podcast to listen to, and I highly recommend that you check it out to hear what makes all of these amazing and powerful women good… for a girl.

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