Taylor Swift releasing her re-recorded albums, starting with ‘Fearless’

Madelyn Kidd, Editor-in-Chief

After Scooter Braun bought Taylor Swift’s six records starting with her début to “reputation” without her having prior knowledge they were for sale, Swift was quick to announce she will legally be able to re-record her first five albums in November 2020. After three months since Swift could be re-recording, she is starting off with the re-recording of her second album “Fearless.”

For the re-recording the album is called “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” to stray from any confusion of which songs and album is the new one. Along with the album title having (Taylor’s Version) added to the title, each re-recorded song will also be called “song title (Taylor’s Version). On Feb. 10 in the announcement and reveal of the first re-recorded album to be released, Swift released a message to fans explaining “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” will be the first of the five albums to be released along with “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” single being released at midnight EST. 

Originally before the “Fearless” album was released, “Love Story” had been the first single from the new album and broke both pop and country records. The re-record version of “Love Story” shows Swift’s vocal improvements at 31-years-old compared to being 16 or 17-years-old when the original was recorded. To also make the re-recorded “Love Story” more special, Swift released a lyric video of the song featuring pictures and video of Swift in the beginning of her career with fans. This made the opening and closing lyrics of “Love Story” “We were both young when I first saw you” more special for fans because it implies Swift’s new love story is instead of her love for her fans rather than a boy. 

Along with the announcement, Swift hid a clue in the written statement of when “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” would be released. In the beginning of Swift’s career, she used to leave clues in the lyric booklet that comes with the album telling fans what or who the song is about. She did this by having all letters lowercase except for some letters capitalized that spells out different words or phrases. In her written announcement, the only capitalized letters spelled out APRIL NINTH. It is speculated April 9 is when the full “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” will be released.

An additional surprise for fans is that not only will “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” include all 13 original songs, the six added songs on the “Fearless (Platinum Edition)” and a single not included on “Fearless” but was release separately shortly after, “Today Was A Fairytale,” it will also have an additional six songs that were written for the “Fearless” album, but were never made public. This also means that those six new songs won’t have an original recording and a (Taylor’s Version) recording because those six songs will only ever have been owned by Taylor Swift.

It’s currently unknown when the other four re-recorded albums will be released or if any other songs from “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” will be released before the album release on April 9. However, fans are excited to get to her Swift’s voice in comparison to her younger years and hear unreleased songs with each re-recorded album.

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