Trump faces second impeachment trial and is acquitted again

Madelyn Kidd, Editor-in-Chief

After the Capitol Riot the House of Representatives were quick to vote for former President Trump’s second impeachment trial. The Senate approved to go through with the trial, and the trial began on Feb. 9 and concluded on Feb. 13. The main debating point was whether it was unconstitutional to impeach Trump while he is no longer in office. Ultimately, the Senate didn’t have a majority vote to impeach former President Trump.

In order to impeach Trump, the Senate needed 67 votes that the trial was constitutional; they only had 57 Senators vote yes and 43 vote no. All 44 were Republican Senators while six Republican Senators, North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, Maine Senator Susan Collins, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, Utah Senator Mitt Romney, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse and Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey. All 48 Democrat Senators voted yes and along with the two Independent party Senators, Maine Senator Angus King and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

With the results of the impeachment trial and the senate voting to acquit the trial, former President Trump is free to run for President for a second term or any other higher forms of office.

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