Happy Mother’s Day, mom!


Maia Voegel and her mother at the Student Recognition Banquet. Photo via Joy Kaurin.

Maia Voegel, Layout and Design Editor

Sunday, May 14 is Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day has been a time honored tradition that started in the 1900s and it is the one day a year that is devoted to moms. Now, honestly, moms deserve so much more recognition than just one day. With my mom (which is who this article is really about) she deserves 20 years worth of recognition, all day every day. She has made so many sacrifices for me and does so many things for me that often go unrecognized. So does every mom. She did my laundry for years, has cleaned up after me in so many ways and had to do it all by herself. She’s been a single mom for my whole life and I don’t think that single mothers get the credit they deserve. Having to take so many days off work, calling in because I was sick, going to the store to get sicky supplies because I don’t feel good and coming to pick me up from school when I had a tummy ache or the one time I broke my arm. Mom, I love you more than words and I don’t know what I would do without you. You have been there for me on my worst days and on my best. You went to every choir concert, every movie, every play and supported me in every way. There are so many things I want to apologize for but you won’t let me because you’re my mom. 


For those that don’t have a mom, I send hugs. For those that their mom passed away, I give you the biggest snuggles and all of the tissues. For those that have a poor relationship with their mom, I’m sorry. And for all those that have a mom, give them the biggest hug and tell her you love her. Moms are so unrecognized and even though I may fight with mine I know that we will always love each other. I wish every person in the world had a mom like mine. 


And to my mom, I love you forever, happy Mother’s Day.

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