Eli Lev; the indie folk artist of today


Musician Eli Lev cannot be happier to share his music with anyone he can! Photo via Eli Lev.

Adam Alexander, Social Media Manager

Musician, Eli Lev, hit the stage in Charleston, Illinois at the Uptowner during his tour around the U.S. Justin Lev, better known as Eli Lev on stage, is originally from Boonsboro, Maryland. Lev’s latest EP “Walk.Talk.Dance.Sing.” features five songs.


He earned his Master’s Degree in English Education. His inspiration for his sound came from his teaching career teaching eighth grade English. He states his music is “folk music because it’s about everyday life and based on the acoustic guitar with a lyric-forward approach.” Further genres Lev said his music can be described as would be “pop music because I love catchy melodies and maybe indie as well since I’m an independent artist.”


As for what keeps Lev making music, it’s music! Lev commented, “The feeling of creating songs, recording them, and performing them for the world gives me great joy and allows me to connect with incredible people all over the globe. I’m just trusting the creative process and enjoying it along the way.” And Eli Lev has been all over the globe. He has spent some time in Tel Aviv, Israel as well as Andorra.


Lev also stated, “My sound is inspired by the singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s like Cat Stevens, Joan Baez, and John Denver. I really want people to hear and get my lyrics and message in the song. I’m also influenced by modern day country folk troubadours like Tyler Childers, Molly Tuttle, and Jason Isbell. Add in some current production elements of the likes of Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz and you’ve got a bit of an idea of where my sound comes from.”


Even though he is an independent artist Lev told me, “ I’d love to collaborate with my other artists just like me!” In fact, Lev has planned an album of co-writes from independent artists coming out later called “Two Friends.” To keep up to date with Eli Lev and all his latest projects, music and tour dates would be to join his Levitators community via his website eli-lev.com.

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