Renovations at the Field House


The Field House on campus will undergo renovations this summer. Photo via Audra Gullquist.​​

Darrius Frazier, Archivist

During the summer of 2023, after commencement, the Fieldhouse will undergo renovations that will be done by the first week of the fall semester. It will involve tearing down the classrooms in order to expand the space for locker rooms, as well as refurbishing the men’s basketball locker room. The floor at the Fitness Center will also be replaced in time for the summer session. 


Bill Jackson, the athletic director on campus since 2014, stated that the main renovation “would be Rooms 104 and 105 in getting both the women’s basketball and volleyball programs a designated space for locker rooms. One room will be for the women’s basketball and the other room would be for volleyball. It is done from a gender equality standpoint to improve the women’s facilities along with a recruitment perspective. The men’s basketball locker room will also be renovated this summer.”


Jackson expounded that “Our athletic trainer, Nichole Ogilvie, will be moved to a different room within the Fieldhouse to give her more space and get her out of her current space which is tight and confined for her and student athletes. The athletic trainer’s office is currently at the storage area behind the Fitness Center. We will utilize another space for our cheerleading program so that they will have their own designated space as well. The old athletic weight room will be renovated for our cheerleading program.”  


Jackson mentioned that “Since the softball and baseball teams have their own space at their respective stadiums, these aforementioned renovations at the Fieldhouse do not affect them. Both the Softball and Baseball teams have locker rooms underneath the press boxes in both stadiums. When we have the opportunity, both the press box and locker rooms at both the Softball and Baseball stadiums will be renovated. Each team will have the same dimensions.” 


Jackson explained “the Fitness Center received renovations this past winter, which was completed within the first week of the current semester. This time only the rubberized flooring would need to be replaced with new rubberized flooring. The renovation there will take place two weeks from the Monday after commencement thru when the summer session begins on campus.”

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