SAB’s women’s appreciation event


March was Womens Appreciation Month. Photo via The Nicholl’s Worth.

Darrius Frazier, Archivist

Lake Land College’s (LLC)  Student Activities Board (SAB) group hosted a women’s appreciation event, led by Lisa Kaye Shumard-Shelton, who has been the director of Student Life since Oct. 26, 2021. As the director of Student Life, Shumard-Shelton is always responsible for the different activities for SAB along with Student Government Association (SGA).


This is the first time in recent history the SAB has hosted an event dedicated to Women’s History Month in March. Since 1987, Women’s History Month is always in March just as Black History Month is always in Feb. Shumard-Shelton explained that the event consists of “cards and inspirational messages that the students can pick up and give to the woman in their life as a thank you.” 


She later went on to clarify in regards to the spinning wheel, “Students can spin the wheel and they can get additional prizes that way. There was also information about the prize wheel with women in history and you can learn some information about that person. We (SAB) always celebrate Women’s History Month here at Lake Land as one of the cultural months that we do every March.”


She explained that for the prizes “the students can win T-shirts, sunglasses, $25 vouchers to the Bookstore.” In addition, she mentioned, “as supplies last, outside the Student Life Office, we have free art supplies for students who are interested in being part of the I-Dek Art Show. The supplies are also at the Testing and Tutoring Center in Webb Hall.”


Director of Student Life is Shumard-Shelton’s latest position on campus. Her previous positions at LLC include Marketing and Public Relations (PR) Specialist, Director of New Student Admissions and Director of Dual Credit and Honors Experience. Additionally, she teaches adjunct as an instructor of an Aerobic Fitness course and Introduction to Speech. 


There are no SAB events on March 8, since LLC is on Spring Break from March 6 to March 10. On the fifteenth, for the SAB, there is the Advisement Event, which entails free pizza slices from Papa John’s. Be sure to come out to campus and partake in many SAB events, which are held on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. thru one p.m., usually at either Laker Point inside the Luther Student Center or at the Laker Fieldhouse inside the Laker Gymnasium. Later this month on March 29, the SAB will host a Virtual Reality (VR) event. More details will come out later regarding the event.

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