Grammy performance deemed “Unholy” by conservatives online


Sam Smith performing “Unholy” at the 2023 Grammys. Photo via Getty Images.

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The song “Unholy,” sung by Sam Smith featuring Kim Petras, has taken social media to a hellscape. While many fans have enjoyed the song upon its release, others haven’t blinked an eye until the live performance at the Grammys. Several conservatives have since stated how “evil” and ‘satanic’ the performance is without taking into consideration their hypocrisy.


Smith has faced countless threats of homophobia and fatphobia since coming out as non-binary. Regardless of these comments, Smith has continued their career, releasing new music as theirself publicly. The 2022 release of the single “Unholy” from their recent album “Gloria” has gone viral. The song has since gained popularity, mostly on TikTok, with over two million videos posted using the snippet. The track features Kim Petras, an openly transgender woman within the entertainment industry. The two were awarded the Best Pop Duo/Group for performing the song at the Grammys. The performance referenced several hell-inspired, sexual references, such as Petras enclosing herself within a cage dancing.


The performance I believe was very well done and fitting for the concept of the song, hence its title and story behind it. Smith and Petras were deserving of the award, especially since this is a huge milestone for the trans community. However, republicans online love to disagree. For centuries beyond now, the LGBTQIA+ has faced discrimination and has been told they’re ‘going to hell’ for their sexual orientation and gender identities. As a member of the community, I find it absolutely vile what conservatives are blabbing about online.


Smith wasn’t the first to enforce the hell concept after being discriminated against. Countless artists have done the same, either a part of the community or not. Examples include Lil Nas X and his track “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” and Lady Gaga with her 2011 hit “Judas.” The two are very active in the community and have stated their support. The Reds on the internet still express their opinion and the moment we as a community riff off this saying, they immediately retract their statement. So, what do they really want? Are they rooting for us to rot in hell or are they just truly blinded by their hypocrisy?

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