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The current seal for New Illinois on the official website. Photo via New Illinois website.

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In 2018, the organization New Illinois was founded to promote the idea of a part of Illinois succeeding from the northern part of the state. Specifically the Chicago area and part of cook county. This organization has been active since 2018 and currently has committees in 28 out of 102 Illinois counties.


This organization, according to their website, has a mission statement that claims, “New Illinois exists to educate Illinois citizens about their right to form a new state from the State of Illinois.” This formation is also mentioned to be following the same model and constitutional process of West Virginia. New Illinois also states its reasoning on forming a new state is to get away from the tyranny and corruption of the current political landscape. The movement also is stated to be not about Republican versus Democrat or conservative versus liberal, but a movement about representation between rural and urban areas.


Another talking point from New Illinois is the financial concern that the group currently has on the state. Succeeding from the state is something that New Illinois said will “save ourselves [Illinoisans] from being driven over a financial cliff.” New Illinois even goes on to state that if separated from Cook County and Chicago Illinois will still remain with a larger population and economy than that of Indiana. The organization also claims, “By freeing ourselves from burdensome taxes and regulations, we can create a healthier economy.”


Theoretically, if this goes through the process of voting and splitting the state is successful then the elected officials will be able to change tax rates and lower taxes. However, by doing so then the economy that is “healthier” must be funded somehow. The only other option besides raising taxes is to limit spending elsewhere. In an interview with Political Science Instructor, Michael Rogers, he suggested that if this new state is formed the spending being cut would be for other services such as education, which will directly affect students. Rogers contends, “If you cut out half of the pie [lowered taxes], and you don’t add more food on the table, you’re going to go hungry.”


Another point that Rogers makes is the fact that if the state were to split, it would change state representatives in congress, senators, and electoral votes would be different. Making the new state more akin to Wyoming, where there are a small number of votes that go towards the electoral college. Essentially limiting the power even more. Rogers also mentioned the fact that this is not the only movement like this. Talks of other states splitting into new states such as California, Oregon, New York, and Georgia, have all been considered and still have somewhat relevant movements. 


Rogers also stated that, “It’s a smaller movement, a serious movement in some ways because they’ve got some traction, and it’s been a sustained movement. So you have to take it seriously.” For more information about the movement, visit the New Illinois website, 

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