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Chat GPT. Photo via The NYT.

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Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that has been a popular topic of discussion over the past couple of months but what is it really? According to Google, as well as the official company website, Chat GPT is a language-processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations and much more with a chat box. It was developed by a company called OpenAI and was formally launched in Nov 2022. This AI can help do a lot of things as well as handling menial tasks such as answering questions and assisting with tasks such as composing emails, essays and writing codes.


According to the Swiss bank UBS; it is the fastest growing consumer app of all time. It took it 2 months to get to 100 million active users and it took Tik Tok 9 months to get there. Sam Altman, the chief director of open AI said on his twitter that the app had gotten 1 million active users in the first five days of launch, which is the most that any app has ever gotten. Even though it is a very impressive technology, it still has its limitations, as it is not an all-knowing entity.


But with such a great tool comes great power, this AI has made the lives of everyone around quite easy as all you have to do is just ask it questions and it will provide an answer. This is truer for students as they have found an easier alternative in getting assignments done as well as getting it done quicker. This has caused a bit of an uproar between teachers as they feel that their students are not learning what they need to learn and are cheating their way through the learning system as they are taking advantage of this technology. But obviously this does not represent all teachers, as some have seen the benefits and understand that it’s a new generation technology.

All in all, this technology has shown a lot of advantages to everyone who has used it and this saying goes especially for both students and teachers as they have helped them understand their classes and subjects in order to achieve more and earn more knowledge.

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