TV’s Dr. Phil to end show after 21 seasons


Dr. Phil’s show is ending! Photo via IMDb.​

Cerra Martin, Reporter

For the past 21 years, daytime television has been dominated by Dr. Phillip McGraw. Announced, Tuesday, Jan. 31, by CBS Media Ventures, McGraw will end his long-running talk show after the filming and production of the 2023 season. 


McGraw, age 72, holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. However, he stopped maintaining an active license after appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show regularly in the late 1990’s. 


McGraw became a regular day-time television staple in 2002 when he began hosting his own day-time “self-help” talk show. Many of the host’s guests have been noteworthy. Some long-time viewers may remember the guest who was turned into a viral meme when she challenged the audience to “Catch me outside! How about that?” Some viewers may even recall the woman who claimed she was “pregnant with the Baby Jesus.” Regardless, the formula the host used sparked nothing but views. The show is viewed by over 2 million viewers per episode, which can be viewed Monday – Friday, in the mid-afternoon depending on your location. McGraw has been nominated for 31 daytime Emmy nominations and is currently the second most watched talk show on daytime television. 


McGraw has been no stranger to his “practices” being scrutinized throughout the years of treating patients on national television. In 2016, actress Shelley Duvall (most notably known for her role in The Shining) was a guest on the show. It was apparent the actress had been experiencing mental delusions during the interview stating she didn’t believe Robin Williams, her co-star from Popye, was dead and that he was “shapeshifting.” In the same interview she told the television doctor she was “very sick and needed help.” Many mental health advocates, including American Filmmaker Vivian Kubrick, came to Duvall’s defense stating the star needed “professional medical help, not Dr. Phil,” whom many felt McGraw was using for ratings and exploiting mental illness.


McGraw fans do not need to worry, though! It’s been announced that the television doctor has entered a “strategic, prime-time partnership [with CBS Media Ventures], scheduled for an early 2024 launch, which will expand his reach and increase his impact on television and viewers.” according to the release issued Tuesday morning. More details will be announced soon! McGraw has noted that he feels drawn to expand his audience as he has  “grave concerns for the American family” and is “determined to help restore a clarity of purpose as well as our core values.”

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