SGA Sophomore delegate applications are open now!


Applications opened Feb 16 and close on March 17. Photo via LLC’s SGA.

Maia Voegel, Layout and Design Editor

The Student Government Association (SGA) has had a busy semester so far. This is SGA’s activities during the months of Jan and Feb. SGA met on the first Wednesday back from winter break and has had continuous meetings on every Wednesday since the spring semester started, with the exception of the one snow day the college had on that cold week of Jan. Some big events that occurred during the last two months were the High School Leadership Conference, two meetings with President Bullock and the opening of the applications for Sophomore delegates. 


The meetings with President Bullock covered a multitude of things. Such as, the development plans or the ten-year plan as it may be known to some and the renovation of Parking Lot A that will start during the summer and hopefully be completed by the beginning of the Fall 2023 semester. The High School leadership conference was also talked about. So was the money that will be being given to clubs as a reward for gaining more members. The problems with handicapped doors were also brought up but not thoroughly discussed. Both meetings with President Bullock were both informational and informative and the next one will most likely be sometime in March. 


The High School Leadership conference was held on Lake Land College’s (LLC) campus on Feb. 8. This conference was a chance for local high schools to come to LLC and learn from SGA members about the qualities of leadership and how to be successful in future life. According to SGA members, the conference “went very well” and according to Lisa Shumard-Shelton, the director of student life and advisor to SGA “all reports from the high school were very positive and” had high regards for all of the sessions the students attended that day. SGA members led a various number of sessions all featuring different themes and lessons about leadership and successful attitudes. This day also featured the speaker, Dustin York. York is an Undergraduate and Graduate Communication Assistant Professor at Maryville University. Overall, the conference went well and SGA looks forward to hosting it again in the future. 


SGA during the months of Jan. and Feb. were very busy with a multitude of things like meeting with President Bullock, the High School Leadership conference, the Red Cross blood drive on Jan. 31 and a multitude of other things that will be taking place later in the semester!

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