It’s a sad song, but we sing it anyway– A Hadestown review


Outside the Fabulous Fox on Oct. 15, people wait in line to go into the theater for Hadestown. Photo via Bailey Farris.

Bailey Farris, Reporter

Hadestown is a musical written by Anais Mitchell, telling her version of the tragic Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and how they are affected by the love (or lack thereof) of Hades and Persephone. It is a tale of hope and change, explaining how one’s fate intertwines with so many others and how much one decision can alter your life. 


Currently, Hadestown is touring and was at the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis from Oct. 14 through Oct. 23. At the matinee performance on Oct. 15, there was much excitement in the air as guests took their seats and waited for the entertainment to begin. Once it started, the jazzy music and choreography brightened up the stage, injecting the audience with energy. 


The story is, however, a tragedy, so not all of it is upbeat. Eurydice is promised she can leave the Underworld if she follows Orpheus and he does not look back at her. Near the end of the song “Wait for Me (Reprise),” just when it seems like they have made it home, Orpheus turns to Eurydice. The entire theater fell silent as Eurydice was taken back down to Hadestown. All things considered, there is no wondering how Hadestown won Best Musical at the Tony Awards in 2019.

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