Carry on Winchesters


John and Mary Winchester preparing to hunt something nightmarish. Photo via EasyNet.pdf.

Trinity Turner, Copy Editor

Supernatural fans, we have news for you! CW released the trailer for a new spin-off series called “The Winchesters.”  Supernatural focuses on two brothers, Sam and Dean who hunt supernatural beings that are harming others. Supernatural started in 2005 and sadly came to an end in 2020.


However, this new show brings a whole other perspective to the Supernatural universe. Throughout Supernatural, we see a glimpse of Dean’s parents’ story of how they met and Dean and Sam came to be. However, this new show goes even deeper into the Winchesters’ origin story.


The trailer starts with Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), explaining his questions about his parents, and starts their story. It then shows John (Dean’s dad) coming back from the war and meeting Mary (Dean’s mom). They meet during a demon attack where Mary protects him and explains she is a hunter and John doesn’t belong in this life. However, he asks Mary if she has ever heard of a Winchester and finds out they are both looking for their dads. 


John asking if his dad was a hunter, has caused some uproar in the Supernatural industry. In Supernatural, John didn’t know demons existed until Mary died. In this series, John will have grown up fighting. Many fans worry it will take away John’s amazing hunter feel in Supernatural as now he wouldn’t have taught himself how to kill. It’s dulling the storyline. 


The first episode of Winchesters will premiere sometime in Mid Oct. on CW. It will be nice to see how “The Winchesters” will add a new layer to a show loved by many.

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