Mattoon Eateries

Quest for cuisine leads to off-campus delights


Sara McRoberts, Reporter

If you’ve had a chance to walk around the Lake Land campus or are a returning student, you’ll notice Subway is the only option for a quick bite to eat. Luckily, there is a McDonald’s in pretty close proximity to the school. However, if you venture further into town, you’ll find several more choices of restaurants.

Mattoon is a small town but, in this past year, this small place has added a Denny’s and a hibachi-esqe Japanese sushi restaurant called Osaka, located on Broadway Avenue. Both of these joints are new and have attracted several Mattoon residents who are looking for something different to eat for lunch or dinner. These new places have joined long-time Mattoon residents such as Stadium Grill, the Alamo, Angelo’s, Downtown Diner, the original Burger King and Common Grounds, a mom-and-pop coffee shop which also provides sandwiches, salads and soups.

Along with these places to eat, there are also chains, such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Cracker Barrel, where you’ll be able to enjoy the same foods as any other B-Dubs or Barrel around. The same goes for the local Jimmy John’s, KFC, Dairy Queen, Arby’s and more chain options.

There are also buffet options such as QQ Buffet located next to PetSmart, and Jumbo Buffet in the local mall.

Subway is convenient because it is located on campus, but with a little bit of an adventurous spirit, a plethora of restaurants await.

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