Movie Maniacs: Suicide Squad

Sara McRoberts, Reporter

If you haven’t heard of Suicide Squad, it is safe to assume that you have been living under a rock. This movie, based on characters from DC Comics, was written and directed by David Ayer and stars leading actors such as Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Ben Affleck, who makes a few brief appearances as Batman.

The film made its theatrical appearance on Aug. 5, 2016, which, as of Aug. 17, has already grossed $477.3 million, setting new records for the box office.

As the third installment of the DC universe, aspects from other movies sprinkle this film in various places. For example, some scenes in the beginning of Suicide Squad include scenes from the Batman VS Superman movie that premiered earlier this year.

Suicide Squad received massive hype, but, unfortunately, most critics consider this movie a flop, citing it as hard to follow and explaining that the characters were not developed enough. With that said, the cast received great reviews for their performances.

I was able to see this movie the weekend it came out and I enjoyed it. I was very much taken off guard because I expected Jared Leto’s Joker to have more screen time and be more involved because of all the hoopla involved with his character.

The character, The Enchantress, which is a villain in Wonder Woman’s universe, was the main antagonist of this adventure movie. This completely surprised me because I don’t recall seeing a preview with The Enchantress advertised as the main villain.

As a Batman and Joker fan, I was slightly confused by the portrayal of Harley Quinn and The Joker’s relationship. In the comics, this relationship is toxic and highly abusive which fuels each other’s sinister “bad guy” tendencies. I felt this film portrayed them as hopeless romantics who would stop at nothing to be together, which completely changes the entire dynamic of the two.

All in all, I really liked the movie, and although lengthy, it is certainly worth watching. As a millennial, I grew up with DC comics, cartoons, and films and watching David Ayers create this world caused the child within me to squeal with delight. And if you’re a millennial like me, I’ll bet your inner child is dying to see The Joker, Batman and Deadshot come to life on the big screen once more.

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