Let’s Go Clubbin’!

A quick guide to student life at Lake Land College, and how you can get involved!

Bailey Rueff, Business Manager

Welcome to Lake Land College! The fall semester has begun and college life is now in full-swing. Regardless of if you are a new student or a seasoned LLC veteran, you can always learn more about this bustling community college campus. Wednesdays are the bomb. This is the first thing any Laker should know. Wednesdays mean activity period, SAB events, club meetings, and much, much more! If you’re not familiar with activity period, let me break it down for you: activity period happens every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There are no classes during this time, which really gives Lake Land students the opportunity to get involved in campus life, as this is the time many clubs have their meetings. Meetings can be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly.

Every Laker knows the best way to make friends and build a resume is to get involved on the campus. Lake Land College has more than 30 clubs available for students to join based on your major, interests and social activities! Do you have a passion that’s not represented by a specific club? Create your own! Just this year, three new clubs were added to the campus. As if that is not enough, Lake Land College also has a wide variety of athletic teams and intramural sports. Student Government, Student Activity Board and The Navigator News Student Publication are the three branches of Student Life. If you wish to get involved in any one of these organizations, visit the Student Life office!

How do you get involved in these clubs? Firstly, talk to your friends! Chances are, they can help you get involved. If you are still having a hard time, visit the Lake Land website at lakelandcollege.edu. The college site has loads of great information, along with club advisor names and e-mail addresses. Lastly, you can visit the Student Life office for more information.

When asked why she is involved with clubs at Lake Land College, sophomore Alyssa Hilbert said, “Besides a resume builder, club membership is an excellent way to get involved, meet new people and enjoy a hobby or activity with others.” Hilbert is President of the Radio Broadcasting Club and Vice-President of the newly formed Theatre Club.

As you can see, Lake Land life is much better when you’re involved! From intramural sports to Phi Theta Kappa, Lake Land College has a club for each and every student. If you’re ready to make loads of new friends, build your resume, and put your passion to work, be sure to get going and get involved!

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