The Candidates, Their Education Ideas, and YOU!

Presidential candidates plan for higher education


Bailey Rueff, Business Manager

Anyone who is a member of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat can agree that the non-stop coverage, speculation, and commentary on the current Presidential election has taken over social media. From argumentative keyboard warriors to big media, the people of the United States are constantly being told who they should or shouldn’t vote for. Many use simple, vague reasons for voting for their, such as “He speaks his mind!” or “She has years of experience!” This election has been plagued in controversy and firsts, so media coverage has been less than informative. While there are hundreds of issues that voters should worry about, none seem as relevant as education. Here in Illinois, higher education is suffering due to lack of a budget, while nationally, education standards are lower than ever. Each candidate has a different view of how education should look and be, and their plans to achieve that view will be laid out here.

Jill SteinJill Stein: Jill Stein is a third-party candidate. Stein is running as a candidate for the Green Party, which is based on green politics, specifically nonviolence, social justice and environmental issues. When asked about education, Stein has traditionally liberal views. She plans to implement tuition-free public education from kindergarten to university, while maintaining world-class education standards. Ending “high-stakes testing” such as the SAT and ACT is also a huge priority for Stein, as she believes it puts unwanted stress and labels on students.

Hillary Clinton
Gage Skidmore

Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton is representing the Democratic Party, which is generally known for its liberal views, such as a more powerful national government and social equality. Clinton has been very direct about her plans for education. All community college will be free, with a specific fund to help traditionally black, Hispanic and other minority-serving institutions. She plans to reduce interest rates for future borrowers and give aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to defer payments and interest for up to three years.

Gary Johnson
Gage Skidmore

Gary Johnson: Gary Johnson is another third party candidate. Johnson is the candidate representing the Libertarian party. Traditionally, the Libertarian party believes in small government, a strong military and social freedoms, such as the legalization of marijuana and marriage freedoms. He advocates for school choice at the K-12 level, and firmly believes state and local governments should be more involved in education standards and costs. Johnson believes that the key to restoring education excellence in the U.S. lies in innovation, freedom and flexibility that Washington, D.C. cannot provide.


Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump: Donald Trump is the candidate running on the Republican Party ticket. The Republican Party has conservative views, such as smaller national government, second amendment protection, a strong military and capitalistic economy. Trump has strong views on education, saying he will end “the disaster that is Common Core.” He also believes education should be controlled by state and local governments. While Trump believes students should be responsible for paying for their education, he does believe it needs reform. He states that the national government should not be making money on student loans, which will in turn cause colleges and universities to lower their tuition rates.

Each candidate has a very different view on what American education should look like. Each American should take the time and energy to fully research each candidate, their issues, and their voting records. Remember, voting is a civic duty and deeply personal choice. No one should be able to influence anyone’s decision on voting, or make one feel guilty for their support to a particular candidate. For more information, visit each candidate’s campaign website or do a simple web browser search. Only time will tell who will be the next President of the United States, as the countdown continues.

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