Renovations Keep Rolling, Right To Vo Tech Building

Summer renovations in the Vo Tech Building


Tamesha Moss

New Exhaust System in VO Tech Building

Mike McQueen, Multimedia Manager

     According to documentation provided by Lake Land College’s Marketing and Public Relations Department, the students and staff of the Vocational-Technical building will be returning this fall to some major updates.  Over the summer Scott Rawlings, Director of Physical Plant Operations oversaw the $2.4 million renovation to the building.  A major piece of the renovation was to install a professionally designed Overhead Engine Exhaust Removal system.  This is important as the Vo Tech building is home to the Lake Land College’s automotive and welding students, which need proper ventilation during hands-on projects.

    This renovation was voted on and approved November 9, 2015 by the board of trustees before Bryan Gleckler, Lake Land College’s new vice president for business services, joined.

     “I started as the vice president for business services at Lake Land College towards the tail end of this project, so my involvement has been limited,” Gleckler said. 

Regardless of his initial involvement, Gleckler said these renovations are good for the college.

     “It is refreshing to see such a commitment by the college toward improving the learning environment for students here on campus,” Gleckler said.  “This renovation is a prime example of the college investing in enhancing real-world learning opportunities for Lake Land students of today and into the future.”

     Kelly Allee Director of Marketing and Public Relations, provided information that this project could not have been completed without the efforts of the CTS Group, which managed the construction.  Also the college’s physical plant staff, who prepared the building for the renovations and moved all of the equipment and materials back in upon completion.  Kimberly Wellbaum Administrative Assistant to Physical Plant Operations noted, all of the work that was put into renovating the Vo Tech building was completed in about 90 days, which began May 13 and was completed August 5.

     Per the Board of Trustee book November 2015 thier goals with this and previous renovations of buildings on campus is to improve safety and security for students and faculty.  Each project is intended to continue renovating facilities and installing energy efficient lighting as well as connecting the buildings to the campus wide geothermal diversification loop.  These updates will continue to make the campus energy efficient, thus ultimately saving the school money in the long term.

     Marketing’s documentation also mentioned that the renovations included cosmetic updates like a fresh coat of paint and some more-involved updates and repairs.  Additional classroom and faculty space was added, as well as updates to the classroom computers.  Other improvements like the new secure, energy efficient doors and windows have the added benefit of meeting ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.  They also upgraded the fire alarm system and compressed air system, as well as installed new emergency exits and all new shower and eyewash stations, also compliant with the ADA.

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