Back to School Organization


Tamesha Moss, Graphic Designer/Photo Editor

Imagine yourself waking up pressed for time. Now imagine yourself running around looking for your assignments, due today, and bio notes for your 8 a.m. classes. If this sounds familiar, here are some organization tips for a stress-free semester. According to, organized students are the most successful students.

First, you need to wake up on time. Set your alarm clock in a place that you have to get up and physically turn it off. If your alarm is next to your bed you are more likely to hit snooze and be late. Attendance is a very important aspect of college.

Use binders instead of notebooks. Using binders allows you to focus on one class at a time. Keep your class syllabus as the first page. Keep your instructors contact information and the course highlighted. You can get dividers for each binder and separate your homework from your notes.

Keeping a planner is a must for college organization. Planners allow you to keep track of assignments, appointments, due dates and even events on campus. You can buy any inexpensive monthly or weekly planner or you can do a quick Google search for free printables and make your own with a three-ring binder.

Stock up on supplies. Don’t go to class without pens, pencils, highlighters, a notebook or anything you consider essential. Don’t show up for class without something to write with and on. For early classes, plan the evening before.

In time, you will find that lists will be your best friend. According to the, you are more likely to do something if you have written it down. Keep a daily to-do list and check it off as you go.

For more back-to-school organization, Pinterest is a great place to get ideas.

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