The Backbone of School Spirit

LLC cheerleading team prepares for a pumped-up year!

Allison Wheeler, Editor-In-Chief

 The Lake Land College Cheerleading Team is jumping into the academic year with plans for lots of school spirit.  This multi-talented group of men and women volunteer their skills and time to the colleges other sporting teams.  The members of this team are dedicated to cheering at every Lake Land basketball game, including both men and women’s, while also participating in competitive cheering which has won them first place trophies in the past.

Over the summer, the Lake Land Cheerleaders have worked hard to build a strong foundation of teamwork and trust through their practices and various camps that they have attended.  Debbie Boeser, who has been the Lake Land Cheerleading Head Coach since 2013, said that she is starting this year’s cheer plans straight from scratch, which helps her athletes not only come together as a team but also gain knowledge and more impressive skills in the competitive sport of cheerleading.

This year’s team consists of nine total students.  Four of the team members are returning sophomores:  Ariel Heppe, Herman Kwong, Kari Smith and Ian Goatley, as well as four new freshmen:  Brittany Heath, Emily Garriot, Tiffany Roderick, Stephanie Lowe and Victoria Wilson.

The team does not have plans for set tryouts but they will be accepting interested students over the course of the semester.  For those interested in seeing what the Lake Land Cheerleading Team is all about, recruitment forms are available on the cheerleading athletics page.  Contact Debbie Boeser at 217-234-5056 with any questions, or email her at [email protected] for more information.

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