Running to Success

Girls on the Run strives to create leaders


Allison Wheeler, Editor-In-Chief

Many organizations sponsor activities and relays as a way to engage the community in a common cause. Girls on the Run is one such organization that has a mission to support a cause that strikes closer to home. This non-profit business works with girls between their third and eighth grade years to help them gain confidence and become leaders of their generation while integrating healthy activities such as running. According to their official site,, they describe their vision as “…a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.”

The Girls on the Run program strives to teach every girl that they have “limitless potential” through the means of interactive lessons and running games. Through this creative combination, they develop social, psychological and physical skills teaching a curriculum that has three major lessons:  understanding themselves, valuing relationships and teamwork and understanding how they connect with and shape the world around them. The program serves over 185,000 girls nationwide and in the District of Columbia, teaching the ultimate skills to being successful.

There are many different organizations that help to fight for a good cause, but Girls on the Run is one creating the way for a bright future for girls everywhere. For those interested in registering their girls or recommending the program to a friend, there is a Girls on the Run council in the Mattoon area known as the East Central Illinois Council. Registration opened on July 1st and they have a first come, first serve basis. While some registration fees can go up to $100, the program offers scholarships for those families that qualify. Contact the office at 217-234-9494 or fill out an online registration form at to get girls started on their way to a confident and successful future.

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