What’s Funny?

Brody Sparks, Writer

In the past, we have all made a gust-busting joke at the lunch table that made the kid across from us shoot milk out of his nose while someone in the background said, “You should be a comedian”. However, although we have all felt the joy of making others laugh before, doing stand-up comedy for most people has been a passing idea or even a far-fetched dream, but that dream may not be as far-fetched as it may seem. Thanks to local comedians Jeremy Eastep and Josh Funnimen, anyone brave enough to step behind a microphone, now has a chance to test their skill set in front of a live audience at The Outer Limits in Effingham.

“Any type of comedy is welcome,” said Eastep. “We don’t approve of bashing people based on race or sexual orientation, but anything else is free game.” The Outer Limits open mic night has featured a variety of comedians from the Effingham, Champaign, and Saint Louis comedy scenes. Each provides a unique comedy style that makes a show that anyone who doesn’t mind hearing a few dirty words could enjoy. Comedians from the Champaign area, such as Nick Hyde and Mathew Shancer, tend to be more liberal. However, Matt’s light-heartedness and Nick’s truthful vulgarity makes them lovable even to more conservative audiences.
The Effingham area comedians who perform tend to attract a more rural audience. Josh Funnimen from the Effingham scene appreciates the theatrics of comedy. He provides a variety of impressions and performs what would be thought of as a true one-man show.

“Most people are used to watching comedy on Netflix. These people tend to be blown away once they see how different comedy is at a live performance.” said Eastep. Comedy is much like music and theater in the sense that it’s much better to experience in person. Comedians are entirely reliant on their audience to decide how the show will go. A comedian could be pouring everything he has into his/her set, but unless the audience is willing to hear it, he/she will inevitably bomb. This is why if you go to the show, be sure to follow a few simple rules. Turn your phone to vibrate or silent, please be quiet and at least pretend to pay attention, and absolutely no heckling.

If you think you have what it takes to manipulate a room full of people into laughing and hanging on your every word, you can sign up in the future by contacting Jeremy Eastep on Facebook, or through [email protected]


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