Spotify AI can judge your music taste

Jess Oakley, Reporter

Who doesn’t wonder if their music taste is actually the worst? This Spotify AI can run your Spotify account through and will analyze your music to tell you what parts of your music taste are the worst. It’s pretty formulaic in that everybody gets the same questions and interactive bits, but it is a unique experience for each individual as they let them explore their Spotify habits and see in the darkest crevices of our music taste.   

In the end it will give you the top three reasons why your Spotify is the worst of the worst. It will also give you seven more ways in which your Spotify is below par for cool people. I had a lot of my friends run their Spotify through this just to see what they would get. 

My friends have such unique and diverse music tastes even though most of them are friends with me because of my music taste. It was really fun to see the ways in which our Spotify’s are so starkly different. Some of my friends really like Taylor Swift, and I can’t say I disagree with them. 

I asked all my friends how they felt after they’ve been roasted to the absolute core of the Earth, and they all said that they had a really fun time with it. I think the most memorable response I got was one of my friends saying that they obviously don’t listen to enough of a certain type of music. 

I actually think that oftentimes we are more insecure about our music taste than anyone would judge us for. Like when I meet someone who doesn’t have the exact same music taste as me I’m not like, “oh wow that’s a weird music taste;” I’m like “wow that’s cool maybe I can get into that stuff.”  I think in this day and age, as well having a niche music interest, can actually bring you closer to a lot of people you you may have never met before. Like I like K-pop and being a K-pop fan has actually let me meet a lot of really interesting and cool people. And I think the same could be said of any music genre. 

I think that overall, music can bring people closer together than it can drive people apart. I think the reason people love music so much is because it’s storytelling and in its barest form it’s just some music and some words. Music is a tool for storytelling but also a tool for becoming closer. While making fun of our music taste is fun, it’s also easier to let an AI do it. Next time you want your music taste roasted but don’t trust your friends to be mean enough, here’s the link for you my friend.

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