The Illinois Fair Tax amendment vote results


Jess Oakley, Reporter

On Nov. 3, the ballots throughout the state of Illinois didn’t just include options for Presidential candidates and Senators. It also included an amendment that would allow for the repeal of the Illinois’ constitution which outlines a flat tax rate for every citizen of the state. 

A vote for “yes” would support repeal of the state’s constitutional requirement, while a vote for “no” opposed the repeal. The vote was close, and 53.32 percent of Illinoisans who voted voted for “no.”

While researching for this article, I found various opinions about the amendment. Some people feel that it would really be the only fair way to tax higher income earners, while some people feel the government of Illinois would use the power to tax even low income earners more. 

Most of the support for the amendment came from Democrats, Unions and Organizations, while the opposition came mostly from Republican and CEOs of large corporations in the midwest. I can’t say for sure which choice would have been the right one, but Illinois as a state has decided against a graduated tax rate. My guess is that another vote will be coming soon.

Something that troubled me though, is that not many people who I talked to felt they knew all the details. Some people’s only opinion of the amendment came from the various commercials they saw while watching television. My worry only grew when I realized the language used by both those in support or who opposed the amendment was confusing for average Illinoisans. It feels even more unfair that most, if not all, of the voters felt blind going into that particular vote.

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