College student’s opinions on the Presidential election

Anna Gould, Reporter

After a long wait following election day, former Vice President Joe Biden was elected President of the United States. Mixed reactions followed this announcement that happened on Saturday, Nov. 7. Millions took to the streets to celebrate while others protested the results of the race. I surveyed students at Lake Land College in order to find out the overall student body reaction to this matter. 

The first question asked is as follows: “Who did you want to win the presidency?” Two options were listed being Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Out of 20 students surveyed, 68.8 percent wanted the incumbent Donald Trump to win while 31.1 percent wanted Biden to win. 

The second question called upon a prominent issue that has surfaced throughout the counting of the ballots within this election: “Do you think that voter fraud was present during the 2020 Presidential Election?” Similar to the previous results, 62.5 percent of students did in fact believe that voter fraud was present, while 37.5 percent did not. 

The final multiple choice question asked, “Are you happy with the results of this election?” The same pattern continues as 62.5 percent of students surveyed were unhappy with the results, 25 percent were happy, and a surprising 12.6 percent of students wrote in, “It doesn’t really bother me.”

The last question on the survey asked for any additional thoughts or comments on this subject matter in case students wanted to elaborate on their answers. The differences between the two parties are evident within this comment section. From, “Democracy is a beautiful thing,” to, “the left needs abolished,” are just two examples. However, one comment from a student stood out. It read, “The election is not fraudulent. Election officials have confirmed that there hasn’t been any evidence of voter fraud that could change the outcome of the election. I hope that President Trump’s reaction to the election process has shown his supporters who he really is.” Whatever side of the aisle you belong to, this is the hard-hitting reality: Joe Biden is the President-Elect and the role of democracy in our society has been restored.

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