Holiday season during COVID-19

Breanna Moore, Layout and Design Manager

With the coronavirus pandemic still going strong, COVID-19 continues to cause disruptions in our lives. As the holiday season quickly approaches, celebrating these special occasions may look very different for some families this year. 

One of the most important priorities that families are trying to work around is protecting elderly family members as well as those who are of higher risk with the virus. For the best interest and safety of these two groups, some are encouraging them to stay home where they will not have the opportunity to be potentially exposed to the virus. If families are still planning to get together in order to celebrate, some are limiting the number of people invited so that there are not too many guests under the same roof. If that is the case, larger families might be considering splitting up celebrations among different households so that everyone can still celebrate with family members, except they would not be all together in the same place. With cases of COVID-19 continuing to be on the rise, some family members may not feel very comfortable with the idea of gathering together with the rest of the family and may make the decision to stay home from the celebration. 

Of course, there will also be the families that decide to make the big decision of cancelling all holiday celebrations for this season. While this may be the first time for some families to completely cancel the festivities that typically occur during this time of the year, it is definitely a way to ensure every member of the family is safely staying at home and not risking potential coronavirus exposure. This may become a more likely conversation among Illinois families as the state begins to take action against the skyrocketing number of new cases that occur on a daily basis.

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to escalate, be sure to stay safe by wearing a mask, social distancing and washing your hands frequently. If your family is planning on gathering together this holiday season, communicate with them on the best way to keep yourself and everyone else safe during these unprecedented times.

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