My experience on K-pop group Weeekly’s fancall

Jess Oakley, Reporter

Weeekly is a South Korean girl group under PlayM entertainment and my absolute favorite girl group in all of K-pop. Due to the pandemic, groups are no longer able to attend or host their normal fansign events, where fans can buy albums to get entered into a raffle to attend the fansign. The fansign allows for the members to interact with the fans and sign their albums. Because of COVID-19, a lot of K-pop groups have started hosting online fancall events, where the fans can interact with the artist through various messaging and calling apps based in Korea. This allows for my international fans to get the chance to interact with their favorite artists. 

Weeekly had a comeback with the mini album “We Can” in October. They had multiple fancall events, and I applied for a global fancall through withdrama. I bought 10 albums, because each album came with one extra special photocard. I actually won the fancall, and was number 18 on the list to talk to the girls. The announcement of the winners came out back in October, so waiting for the day I would meet them was torture. 

I spent a lot of time thinking of things I could talk to the girls about. I think it helped that I had an idea for what I wanted to ask each of them and tell them certain things. When the winners were announced, I told my friends and people on Twitter, which led to me making friends that were also going to be talking to the girls. We formed a group chat and had the opportunity to talk about questions and other things. I was lucky enough that some of the other people in the group chat knew what it was like to win a fancall, so it wasn’t as nerve-wracking with them walking me through it all. 

The actual fancall started at 11 p.m. on Nov. 21. I was so nervous, and the site texted me to let me know it was starting. They called me at 11:49 p.m., and I waited for about three minutes before I was put on the call with the girls themselves. There are no words to really describe how it feels to meet your favorite people in the world, your literal idols. I was kind of a mess, speaking too loud and fast, but luckily all the girls did a really good job at calming me down and making me comfortable. The order that I met them in was Monday, Zoa, Jihan, Soeun, Jaehee, Jiyoon and finally Soojin. 

When the camera opened on Monday, I was speechless. She was so pretty, and pointed out that we were both wearing glasses. It was really cute, and she was so sweet. I asked her if she could collaborate with any other K-pop artists for a dance stage, who she would choose. She contemplated it for a while, saying she really respects and looks up to all the seniors in the industry. Finally, she answered with Gfriend, and we danced a bit to their latest song, ‘MAGO’. She was so sweet when I had to move on to the next girl, sending me a heart and telling me she hopes to see me again. 

Zoa was next. She’s the youngest member and the visual. I told her she was pretty, and she called me pretty back. I didn’t know what to say! She told me she liked my hat and glasses, and then put her pair of glasses on. I asked her who her favorite K-pop group is, and she said she really likes all the other groups. She told me she really likes Girl’s Generation and sang a bit of their song “Gee” to me. It was so lovely. I also asked her if she could have any of the other members of Weeekly as a real older sister, who it would be. She said it was such a hard question, because they are all so sweet to her and take care of her as well as a younger sister. When it was time for me to move onto the next girl, she reminded me that she loves my hat, glasses and me and sent me a kiss. 

The next member was Jihan, who is one of my favorite members. When she saw me, she said “Hello Jess!” and it was so cute. I told her I wished her ankle would heal nicely and that it would no longer hurt. I asked her if she could sing with another group or member, who she would choose, and she said she couldn’t choose. I said I would choose her, and she replied “then I choose Jess!” I told her she was cute and that I loved her and she said she loved me and my hat as well. She gave me a huge hand heart and an adorable parting smile. 

The next member was Soeun, who was so sweet and adorable. I told her she was my mom’s favorite member of Weeekly, and she looked so happy. I asked her if she would ever want to act in a drama, and she replied with “maybe” and then did a cute action move. I told her she was cute, and she said I was cuter than her. I also expressed to her that ZIGZAG is really my style, and she sang a bit of it to me. When I had to move onto the next member, she said “I love you, Jess.” It still plays in my mind every day. 

The next member was Jaehee, who I think was the most difficult to communicate with. I wanted to tell her that my pet chicken is named after her, “jelly” and I’m not sure if she really understood. When I asked what her favorite thing to drink is, she said she likes all drinks, but especially strawberry. I told her I liked strawberry drinks too, and she said it was destiny! She also told me that she loved me, and when I had to leave she said she was sad. She was so adorable, even though I know I must have confused her. 

Jiyoon was next, and when she saw me she kinda freaked out, in a good way of course. We were both wearing berets, and we had a little moment of freaking out over matching like that. I told her that she’s my favorite girl group member ever, and she told me that I was HER favorite. What a boost of confidence. I also told her that I was going through a really rough few months, and then I found Weeekly, who gave me the happiness that I needed at the time. She seemed really touched after I had said that. I also told her that her fans really like her cheeks, and she said I could pinch hers! And then she pinched her cheek and called her hand my hand. I called her cute, and she told me she liked my style. I told her I love her, and she said thank you and that she loved me too. 

The last member was Soojin, who is another one of my favorite members. I told her that she was my girlfriend’s favorite member, and she said thank you and smiled really brightly. I asked what her favorite things to do when it gets cold outside are, and she said she liked to build snowmen and sang “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from Frozen. I told her she was so cute, and she said I am too, and then I told her she really looks like a puppy. She did a cute little bark. I told her I loved her, and she said she loves me too. Our time was over and I had to go. 

It was so bittersweet after the call was over. I screen recorded everything and recorded the audio with my grandma’s phone, so I have the video of me meeting my idols. Everytime I feel sad, I just go and watch where my favorite people told me I was pretty and that they loved me. It was definitely a lovely experience that I hope I can do again some day.

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