Winter is the worst season ever


Breanna Moore, Layout and Design Manager

Living in central Illinois my entire life, I know how crazy and bizarre the weather can be. The Midwest is a place where it’s not uncommon to have such unusual weather patterns that it’s almost as if we experience all four seasons within the span of one week. In addition to that, we have been known to have the extremes of each season: broiling hot summers and freezing cold winters, with spring and fall acting as comfortable in-between seasons that prepare us for the transition. I enjoy spring and autumn, while summer has always remained my favorite. However, I have a very strong hatred against winter, and I firmly believe that winter in the Midwest is the worst season ever. 

Thinking about the approaching winter season, I feel nothing but dread. There is absolutely nothing great about winter. While there are people out there who say winter is their favorite season, I cannot find anything great or wonderful about it. 

Winter is definitely the drabbest season. All deciduous trees and many bushes have shed their leaves during autumn and are left as barren sticks throughout all of winter. Grass and other plants are not the same vibrant green that they once were during summer. Thanks to daylight savings time, there are fewer hours of sunlight for us to enjoy. Not only that, but winter tends to be primarily cloudy and overcast, hiding the sun from us even more. Everything is so bland during winter. 

Then, there is a word that I despise more than most things: snow. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a certain beauty behind snow. However, that beauty only exists in places like photographs of snow-covered forests in calendars or magazines, not in my front yard. There’s absolutely nothing I like about snow. Shoveling it out of driveways and patios in below freezing temperatures is a trial in itself, especially when you’re someone like me who hates it any time the temperature goes below 55 degrees. Cleaning it off of your car is very annoying, or cleaning it off of anything in general. When it snows, sleets or basically does any sort of precipitation during winter, it makes driving more of a challenge, especially to those who drive sporty cars. As the owner of a mustang, driving in those kinds of conditions are absolute nightmares. 

Also, let’s not forget about the cold temperatures, which is one of the main things I hate about winter. I’m strictly a summer gal. I love being outdoors, wearing shorts and crop tops and thriving in the summer heat. When winter comes around, everything becomes the exact opposite. I never want to be outside; I have to bundle up in multiple layers or bulky clothes to stay warm whenever I go anywhere, and I am freezing throughout the entire season. I am one of those people who are always cold, so going through winter makes me even more miserable. 

If you ask me, there is nothing good about winter. It’s cold, dreary and anything but fun. I am certainly not looking forward to winter as it’s quickly making its approach. Even though winter has not arrived yet, I am already beginning the countdown to when summer will finally return.

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