Bring Me The Horizon release new album ‘POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR’


Breanna Moore, Layout and Design Manager

British rock band Bring Me The Horizon released their latest album on Friday, Oct. 30. The album, which is titled “POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR,” has a total of nine tracks on it and features various guest appearances from different musicians, including YUNGBLUD, BABYMETAL and Amy Lee of Evanescence. 

Prior to the album’s initial release, four songs were put out as singles that came out at various times over the span of the past year. The first single, “Ludens”, came out in November of 2019 and was featured on the soundtrack for a new video game called Death Stranding that was launched within the same month. This was Bring Me The Horizon’s first song since the release of their album “amo” which came out earlier that same year. Over the past few years, the band’s overall sound has changed exponentially from being extremely heavy to more alt-rock. This change upset a lot of fans that favorited the bands heavier eras. However, when “Ludens” was released, it sparked excitement among the fanbase as the song was slightly heavier than what the band has been recently putting out. 

The second single, which was released June 25 of 2020, was “Parasite Eve”. This song was certainly bringing Bring Me The Horizon back to their roots, as it was even heavier than “Ludens”. “Parasite Eve” took the world of rock by storm, reaching #1 on UK Rock and Metal charts, #10 on Billboards US Hot Rock and Alternative Songs charts, and #18 on Billboards US Mainstream Rock charts. It was also frequently played on Sirius XM’s Octane, reaching the #1 spot on their Big Uns countdown several times. 

The third single we heard from the band was “Obey” which featured British singer-songwriter YUNGBLUD. The song, along with its music video, was revealed to the world on September 2. Much like “Parasite Eve”, listeners’ response to “Obey” was extremely good. The song reached #1 on UK Rock and Metal charts as well as #21 on Billboards US Hot Rock and Alternative Songs charts. 

On October 22, one week before “POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR” was set to come out, Bring Me The Horizon shared the final single off of the record titled “Teardrops”. Along with it, the band released its music video that revolved around dealing with everyday pressures and struggles such as stress, anxiety, and addiction. “Teardrops” continued to build the hype for the upcoming album as the release date got closer and closer. 

Upon listening to the album prior to its October 30 release, musically the band is much heavier than on their previous album “amo”. It definitely appears that Bring Me The Horizon are slowly but surely reverting back to their original sound. The band is planning on releasing more albums within the next year to go along with their latest, almost like a series. These future albums are also supposed to include “POST HUMAN” in the titles.

As for “POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR”, Bring Me The Horizon went on a more political route when writing this album. The songs were written by the band during the COVID-19 quarantine and revolve around how the band was feeling as they watched everything going on in the world while being trapped indoors, especially with “Dear Diary,”.  Some songs, including “Parasite Eve” and “Obey”, touch on the corruption of world governments and the problems that exist within the human race. 

Overall, the new album “POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR” by Bring Me The Horizon is really taking the band back to their roots with heavy breakdowns and aggressive vocals. They used their music to depict their own experiences with the COVID-19 quarantine and what they saw happening in our world as well as how it made them feel as people existing on this planet. Even with this album’s release, the band continues to look forward and into the future. It will be exciting to see what Bring Me The Horizon will be working on next.

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