Faculty Feature: The Student Life office says goodbye to familiar face Marlene Meek


Madelyn Kidd, Editor-in-Chief

In every office at Lake Land College, there is one very important position always needed, someone who greets you immediately. This position is vital for anyone who walks through the doors of the office, so they can be greeted by a friendly face. In the Student Life office, this position belongs to a very familiar face for all Lake Land students, Marlene Meek, and after 20 years at Lake Land in the Student Life office, she is retiring.

Meek started her experience with Lake Land College as a student in the 70’s. She later came back as a student in the 90’s after the factory she worked at closed. In total, Meek has three associate’s degrees from Lake Land College, and her husband and their three children are also graduates of Lake Land College. Eventually, after being a student at Lake Land, she had the opportunity to work there. Meek stated, “I always enjoyed being a student here and felt that it would be a good place to work. The job was close to home and the benefits were very good.”

When Meek first came to work at Lake Land College, she set a goal for herself and how long she wanted to work at the college. She stated, “My original goal, when I started at Lake Land College, was to work for 20 years. When I retire, I will have completed 20 years and 2 months.” Since achieving her goal Meek feels “it is time to enjoy life and make the most of it.”

With retirement Meek states she will miss the most of “the interaction with students and the great staff and faculty that work at Lake Land College.” Meek also states what she looks forward to most after retiring are to “not [have] to set an alarm to get up, taking things easier and spending more time with my six grandchildren.” However, when it comes to post-retirement plans, COVID-19 has put a delay in those plans. “Before COVID-19, my husband and I had planned to do some traveling. We hope to be able to do that in a year or so when things calm down.”

Looking back at memories made at Lake Land College Meek stated, “Some of my favorite memories include working with approximately 800 students who came through the doors and were involved in Student Activity Board, Student Government Association, The Navigator newspaper and all of the clubs. Spring Carnivals, Welcome Days and all of the other events planned through the Student Life office were also fun even with all of the work involved. Commencement was always special, seeing all of the students graduate and hearing about their future plans. Students who have been involved in Student Life have gone on to be doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, teachers, business professionals and a multitude of other professions.”

With the importance of the job, Meek is leaving available for future employees Meek gave the advice, “This job can be fast-paced with a lot of things going on at once. I would also advise keeping up with all of the new technology. The main thing is to keep a good sense of humor, stay calm and greet everyone who walks through the door.”

At the end of the semester, Meek will officially be retired. However, current and past students will continue to keep in touch with such a loved and important member of the Student Life office. Thankfully through social media, keeping in contact with Meek is much easier, and Meek stated, “I still keep in touch with some of [past students] through social media.” With the help of social media, it won’t be a forever goodbye with Meek, and the Student Life office is eager to welcome a new faculty member with open arms.

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